Policy and Focus

Affordable Housing

Coquitlam needs to do a better job protecting existing affordable rentals, and ensure that we have room for new affordable rental properties along transit corridors as we move forward.

Close to half of Coquitlam renters are paying 30% of their income for rent and utilities, and just over a quarter of them are paying 50% or more of their income. This places Coquitlam renters in a very precarious financial position . Coquitlam needs to ensure that when neighborhoods are redeveloped, existing residents are included and made welcome.

I will be a strong advocate for low cost housing for seniors, low income families, and young people.

Elder Support

With 14.1% of our seniors living below the poverty level, Coquitlam needs to do a better job working with service providers and all levels of government to ensure that no senior has to choose between paying their bills, or paying for their medications.

Mental Health and
Addiction Support

We need to continue to work closely with both the Provincial and Federal Governments to address not only the homelessness crisis, but also the need for greater resources to deal with the effects of mental illness and addictions in our community.